• Joey Kim

3D Character Concept (Zbrush)

Updated: May 21, 2020

Plague Assassin, "The White Death."

3D Character Design for a game character with its turnarounds.

Class Project from 2018-2019

Zbrush sculpture for a class project.

The subject was to build a game character pitch with a style reference from a game of my choice and to come up with 3 variations of a type of equipment.  I referenced my style from Apex Legends. The character's appearance was heavily motivated by an image of a plague doctor.

The White Death is an assassin character for a first-person-shooter battle royale game who uses syringes filled with deadly viruses as ammunition. He throws them as if he is throwing darts at his enemies.

Made with Zbrush , rendered with Keyshot, and edited with Photoshop.

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